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Dart Leagues

Score A Bullseye!

Ondrus Amusement & Vending runs a number of local, competitive, officially-sanctioned Dart Leagues in the spring and fall/winter of each year. We are a chartered member of the AMOA-National Dart Association (NDA) through whom our tournament play is sanctioned. All local Dart League play qualifies players to take part in both Michigan and Indiana state Dart Tournaments as well as the NDA-sponsored national dart tournament.

Dart League play takes place using NDA rules on Valley and Arachnid electronic dart boards which register the scoring automatically. Updated stats of League players are available on our website the afternoon following each evening of League play.

About the Leagues.

The Teams.

Dart leagues are made up of two or four-player teams, which play other teams in their League under an organized schedule each week. League play lasts from 14 to 22 weeks, until each team has played every other team in its category in its particular league at least two times. Each match lasts around two hours.

About Dart Leagues.

Traveling Leagues: Teams play at their home bar half the time and travel to another location the other weeks.
In-House Leagues: Teams play at their home bar of choice every week.

  • 4-Person 01/Cricket Open
  • 2-Person 01/Cricket Open
  • 2-Person Mixed Couples 01/Cricket
Players choose between Cricket 01 and 01/Cricket leagues depending on their particular game preference and which tournaments they wish to qualify. The type of league play may also be determined by the location where teams wish to play.

Our Area Leagues.

  • LaPorte, Indiana Area League (Monday, Mixed Couples; Tuesday 4-Person 01/Cricket Open; Friday Morning - Hilltop Open Doubles 01/Cricket)
  • Michigan City, Indiana Area League (Monday, Mixed Couples; Wednesday 4-Person 01/Cricket Open)
  • Southwestern Michigan League/Southwestern Berrien County (Monday 2-Person 01/Cricket
  • Remote Dart League - available in all areas.
To find out all the participating establishments for League Play for each of the Area Leagues above, please refer to the League Play Sites Guide.

Skill Levels & Sanctioning.

Teams are assigned to a skill level bracket based on known ability. Players can base ability on priveious league play or by stating their skill level. Skill bracket classifications are: A,B,C,D (A is most skilled, and D is the least skilled beginner).

Sanctioning allows players to participate in organized state competitions in Michigan and Indiana. It runs from September 1st until August 31st of the following year. The National Dart Association (NDA) also allows sanctioned players to participate in national tournaments. There is a state assessment fee of $2 for Indiana and .50¢ for Michigan, plus a $7.00 NDA annual sanctioning fee.


Dart League play is conducted according to the Official Rules of the National Dart Association (NDA). Ondrus Amusement and Vending also has Supplemental Rules which teams must follow.

League Costs.

Each player pays weekly dues of $6.00. These dues go toward the prize fund distributed at the end of the tournament season to all the teams. Players also put quarters in the dart machines for game play on each tournament night.

The Perks.

All weekly dues come back to the players 100% at the end of the tournament in the Prize Fund. The money is distributed to each team based on their number of wins. Players are also treated to an end-of-tournament banquet. A sponsor's trophy goes to the winning team's business sponsor.

If you want more information on joining an existing Dart League,
or want to learn how to start a new Dart League,
please fill out the
Information Request Form
or call Art Ondrus at 269.469.2350.

Check Your Stats & Schedule.

Members of teams taking part in our Dart League tournament play using Arachnid Dart Boards and Valley Dart Boards can now check their League Schedule anytime and find their current stats conveniently online.

The Fall/Winter 2017 Dart Leagues have begun play. The Stats for these leagues will usually be available the afternoon following League play.

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